Taco Tues

It’s Taco Tuesday and that look on Wella’s face is how we feel whenever we think of all the tacos we’re destined to consume tonight. She’s working on some rice, beans, and avocado eaten by hand from her party plate…and couldn’t look happier about it.

Margarita Monday 2

Margarita Monday, the best day of the week. Keep it simple with our classic marg, or get crazy with a craft cocktail creation made with our housemade tinctures and fresh ingredient infusions!

Margarita Monday

A little how-to guide for Margarita Monday. Step 1: start with a Caesar salad (trust us – it’s not what you expect…). Step 2: bring on the taco course! Step 3: keep the cocktails flowing. And step 4, cheers to keeping Monday fun and a great week ahead!

jicama tacos

Jicama tortillas, grain free tacos!

That feeling when all your friends want to go to taco Tuesday but you’re doing Whole30…is why we made these grain-free tacos! Jicama tortillas keep these beauties low carb enough for any diet you’re on. We add some Juicy Shrimp, Garlic Chips, Pico de Gallo, and Chipotle Aioli – YUM!!

Habanero-infused tequila

Charred pineapple and habanero-infused tequila make for one heck of a drink special…Manfred has really outdone himself with our newest special, ask him for the latest creation when you come on down and get your Margarita Monday on with us!

Taco Tuesday done right

Taco Tuesday done right: with our octopus tacos. Wood-fire grilled romanesco, Castel franco raddicchio, and habanero aioli on a jicama tortilla round out this healthy, gluten-free taco treat so you never have to feel guilty on a Tuesday!

Kill Bill service

Kill Bill bottle service

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, Kill Bill bottle service is now available at Playa. Say whaaaat? That’s right! Vamonos!

Huevos Rancheros for brunch

Brunch-lovers rejoice: our huevos rancheros might technically be on the lunch menu, but that free range over easy egg screams brunch. Come get your fix this weekend starting at noon! (More time to sleep in – or bike up & down Mt. Tam!)

Happy National Margarita Day

Happy National Margarita Day!! You know, there’s a little spot in Mill Valley we hear makes a mean marg… 😉 Come on down and celebrate the end of the rainy season with Chef Omar and Manfred! Our margs are on point today (just like every day).

Cactus on Taco Tuesday

Ever eaten cactus before? If you order a couple of these beauties you’ll get to try it! They’re topped with nopales, a super fresh and delicious cactus that acts as a green veggie, and a salsa cruda for a little kick. One of our wonderful guests captured this shot – props to them for spreading the taco love this Taco …