little league support

We love our Little League Teams

We 💙 our Little League teams! Happy baseball season, everyone! Post game celebrations at Playa? Guac & chips & tacos for the kids, margs for the parents.

Walnut Infused Mezcal

Walnut Infused Mezcal

Feeling “Sofisticado” tonight?? We have just the drink for you 😜 Come see how we use this Walnut Infused Mezcal!

Oro Blanco

Oro Blanco

Want to switch it up this Monday? Give our “Oro Blanco” a try! Mixed with Tequila, Aloe Liqueur & Coconut, it’s the perfect jumpstart to the week 👌Cheers!

seasonal flavored margaritas

Swing by

The Friday feeling we all deserve 😜👌 Swing by and join the party!

jicama tortillas

jicama tortillas

Our favorite day of the week, and one of our favorite Playa tacos! Look at those jicama tortillas! Happy #TacoTuesday!

Bloody Mary's at Playa

Bloody Marys

Bloody Marys in the making 🍹 Come on over and Julio will hook you up with something good to start the weekend! 

hamachi pear taco

Tostada Tuesday

Tostada Tuesday works too! Hamachi and prickly pear on a toasted tortilla 

we've got the cocktails to celebrate!

Friday feeling

It’s 5 o’clock somewhere and we’ve got the cocktails to celebrate! After all, fueling your#FridayFeeling is one of our specialties 

Tacos ready for Taco Tuesday

Taco Tues

Still waiting for tacos to be their own food group….

Margarita Monday

Margarita Monday

You already know what day it is 😎 Come on over and join the party!