Margarita Monday Gathering

Margarita Monday is not just about the margs (although they are crucial!), but about gathering with friends and family over a meal and a drink on a day that’s otherwise just so boring. Cheers to making Mondays brighter!

Taco Tuesday and Soup

We could all use a big bowl of soup right now – vegan or meat-filled, it’s up to you! Come see us for Taco Tuesday and help us celebrate how grateful we are to be part of this wonderful community.

Tostada Tuesday

Instead of Taco Tuesday, how about let’s switch it up and do Tinga Tostada Tuesday this week? See you soon for some tasty treats and a marg (or two!) to quench your thirst.

Paleo Taco Tuesday

Taco Tuesday, paleo edition: octopus tacos with a jicama tortilla! Drop in to get your health on with us, or make a reservation


The only thing better than an empanada? A platter of them. Or maybe two. Endless empanadas can be your next big party favor – contact us for catering requests, big and small!

Ahi Tuna Tuesday

Getting a bit unconventional and going for an Ahi Tuna Tuesday instead of Taco Tuesday – because we’re serving up some of the freshest fish you’ve had in awhile!

Flautas for Taco Tuesday

f you’re not feeling traditional this Taco Tuesday, go with the chicken flautas – they’re so dreamy and smothered with Cotija Cheese, Sour Cream, Mexislaw, and Mango Salsa. See you soon!

Watermelon Salad

If you want to celebrate Taco Tuesday but hold the carbs, we have plenty of tasty, healthful options – like our Watermelon Salad! Throw in a Marg and you won’t even miss the tortillas ✌️

Taco Tuesday time

How to Taco Tuesday: couple o’ tacos, couple o’ dranks. Get down here and celebrate like it’s still the eclipse!!

Battered Cod Taco Tuesday

Our Bohemia Battered Cod tacos are the best way to celebrate Taco Tuesday – just look at them!! Come see us for tasty tacos and more, we’re waiting!