Watermelon Salad

If you want to celebrate Taco Tuesday but hold the carbs, we have plenty of tasty, healthful options – like our Watermelon Salad! Throw in a Marg and you won’t even miss the tortillas ✌️

Taco Tuesday time

How to Taco Tuesday: couple o’ tacos, couple o’ dranks. Get down here and celebrate like it’s still the eclipse!!

Battered Cod Taco Tuesday

Our Bohemia Battered Cod tacos are the best way to celebrate Taco Tuesday – just look at them!! Come see us for tasty tacos and more, we’re waiting!

Taco Tuesday spread!

A spread like this is exactly what your Taco Tuesday needs! Come on down and we’ll fix you up with the tacos, the sides, the tequila, and the good times.

Fish Taco Tuesday

Get down here – it’s Taco Tuesday and we’re pumping out some seriously crazy good fish tacos all day long!! Treat yourself, you deserve it.

Shout out to CCS Architecture!

Big shout out to CCS Architecture, Inc., who helped us make a gorgeous space we’re proud to host our community inside…and get our Playa party on in every night! What’re you waiting for? Vamos a la playa and join us ASAP

al pastor tacos

It’s Taco Tuesday and there’s only one place to be: staring down the barrel of two al pastor tacos, ready to enter flavor bliss. Get in here, it’s taco time!!

Tortilla Soup

It’s not often that 4th of July and Taco Tuesday coincide – stop by and celebrate both with us!! We’re feeling some tasty Tortilla Soup today…paired with some classic cocktails, of course. Let’s party Playa style!

It’s Taco Tuesday again!

Get down with some shrimp tacos on a jicama tortilla this Taco Tuesday! Yes, they are gluten free and low carb so you can indulge on a Tuesday without breaking your diet.

Ap pastor tacos

We take Taco Tuesday VERY seriously around here…and these al pastor tacos will probably change your life. Make a reservation now and you won’t have to wait for these beauties!