Margarita Monday

A little how-to guide for Margarita Monday. Step 1: start with a Caesar salad (trust us – it’s not what you expect…). Step 2: bring on the taco course! Step 3: keep the cocktails flowing. And step 4, cheers to keeping Monday fun and a great week ahead!

jicama tacos

Jicama tortillas, grain free tacos!

That feeling when all your friends want to go to taco Tuesday but you’re doing Whole30…is why we made these grain-free tacos! Jicama tortillas keep these beauties low carb enough for any diet you’re on. We add some Juicy Shrimp, Garlic Chips, Pico de Gallo, and Chipotle Aioli – YUM!!

Taco Tuesday done right

Taco Tuesday done right: with our octopus tacos. Wood-fire grilled romanesco, Castel franco raddicchio, and habanero aioli on a jicama tortilla round out this healthy, gluten-free taco treat so you never have to feel guilty on a Tuesday!

Huevos Rancheros for brunch

Brunch-lovers rejoice: our huevos rancheros might technically be on the lunch menu, but that free range over easy egg screams brunch. Come get your fix this weekend starting at noon! (More time to sleep in – or bike up & down Mt. Tam!)

Cactus on Taco Tuesday

Ever eaten cactus before? If you order a couple of these beauties you’ll get to try it! They’re topped with nopales, a super fresh and delicious cactus that acts as a green veggie, and a salsa cruda for a little kick. One of our wonderful guests captured this shot – props to them for spreading the taco love this Taco …


This steak with chimichurri, roasted potatoes, and garlic broccolini is exactly how your evening wants to start. Enjoy our tasty food and fresh cocktails at the Playa!

gorgeous roast duck

Chef Omar is showing you some love with this gorgeous roast duck, brussels sprouts, green garlic mashed potatoes, and Tamarind-chile negro sauce – a special for Valentine’s Day! We also have a lobster tail on the menu…so there’s something special for the seafood-lovers too! Stop by and celebrate love with us, we’re happy to have you all!

Monterey Calamari

Warm your belly with fresh Monterey Calamari from the grill! #playamillvalley#millvalley #marincounty #sf #bayarea #sfeats #eatersf #mexicanfood#bayareafood #yummy #monterey #grill

Holy mole!

Holy mole! You hungry? Beef cheek enchiladas with a rich Mole Rojo, spiced pepitas, orange segments, charred avocado and sour cream. #playamillvalley#millvalley #marincounty #bayareafood #yummy#mexicanfood #sf #sfeats #eater #molerojo#enchiladas #bayarea

Dia De Los Muertos at Playa

Día de los Muertos at Playa

Come join us for  Día de los Muertos at Playa! From October 28 – November 2, we’ll have nightly food specials and everything you need to awaken your festive spirit. Our indoor-outdoor restaurant encompasses the passion of Mexican cuisine and culture… the perfect destination for Dia de los Muertos!