Beyond grateful

Beyond grateful for this community that is always beautiful, but especially during this trying time. We are so impressed by the generosity and love the Bay Area has demonstrated. It will be a long process to rebuild the land we love and the homes of those who have lost them, but we feel up to the task surrounded by so …


Here at Playa, we’re big fans of art – in the food, on the walls, and in the faces of the people who make everyday a new adventure. Cheers to beauty everywhere, come join us in celebrating it!

Zio Ziegler mural

All the ❤️ and pride for our Zio Ziegler mural – love supporting local artists, especially when their work is this incredible. Stop by and see all the rest of the incredible art in our gorgeous space…and have some guac while you’re at it!

Playa Angel

The Playa Angel, watching over all who walk through our doors! Has anyone else spotted her?

DoorDash your brunch

And on weekends, we brunch. For those of you who feel more like a brunch-in-bed situation,DoorDash will have the goods to your door just as soon as you can whip your smartphone out and press “order”!

PLAYA Catering Coming Soon

Since we love you guys so much, we’re about to go anywhere you want us – PLAYA Catering is COMING SOON! We recently catered a goodbye party for dear friends and it was a blast. Stay tuned for details!

Zio Ziegler

Every time we look out our back window, we’re floored by the talented Zio Ziegler brought to this wall. SO honored to feature this amazing local artist’s work, we hope you all enjoy!

All Genders

New at Playa: all gender restrooms. Not new at Playa, because it’s been here from the start: social equality for all regardless of gender, race, orientation, religion, politics. We love our community and everyone in it, including members of the LGBTQ community!! We stand with humans. And margaritas of course :->

Taco Tues

It’s Taco Tuesday and that look on Wella’s face is how we feel whenever we think of all the tacos we’re destined to consume tonight. She’s working on some rice, beans, and avocado eaten by hand from her party plate…and couldn’t look happier about it.

Playa holiday giving

Holiday Giving

In the spirit of giving this season, Playa hosted a toy, bike and coat drive with Pastor David Hall of Big God Ministries. Many thanks to the wonderful people of our community who were so generous with donations. We filled a truck with gifts to give away to those in need this Christmas, in Marin City and the Canal area. …